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DIHEF invites you to join its NEW Online Community, Call for Service!  Here is what you will benefit from by becoming a member:

  • Your own personal page (add your content about yourself/business, your own photos, and your own videos) 
  • Choose your own theme
  • Post blogs
  • Post events (you are attending doing or those of an organization)
  • Post photos 
  • Post Videos from You Tube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Use your phone to post photos and videos directly on site
  • Communicate/interact with other members
  • Post messages/info on member pages
  • Tweet a post or entry from any page
  • Share on Facebook a post or entry from any page
  • Advertise your service/business on your own page and/or on the DIHEF Blog (see "Blog" on top menu)
  • Post notes/reminders (See "Notes")
  • Add other members as a "friend" to your personal list
  • Send messages to other members
  • Leave comments on other member's walls
  • Send gifts to other members
  • Add Apps on your personal page
  • Set up slideshows of your photos and get the embed code to post on other sites
  • Share slideshows, photos and more to your personal or business pages on Facebook

Once you've created your account, click "My Page" on top menu.  Be sure to invite family and friends to meet you here!

Thank you for joining DIHEF's Call for Service!  We look forward to communicating with you!




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