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Gum disease can be cured. If your gingivitis or periodontal disease is not too far along, some of the damage can even be reversed. The pockets can fill in again, and the teeth become tight. Plaque at the gum line is what causes the gums to swell, bleed, and pull away from the teeth. Eliminate the plaque, and your gums can begin repairing themselves.

Commercial mouthwash does kill germs, but it is very drying and irritates the gums. It's much better to do salt water gargles to soothe and kill bacteria or use a food-grade hydrogen peroxide like Heritage Products. Switching out your toothpaste will also help the gums repair.

Fluoride is not something your body needs at all, and it slows the healing process in your gums. Try a tube of toothpaste without fluoride, or an antibacterial dental oil is even better since the oil slides into any pockets you may have in your gums.

Regrow Receding Gums

 Definitely, brush and floss every day, but if possible brush and floss after each meal, especially while your gums are healing. One supplement that speeds healing for gum disease are CoQ10. People with gum disease do not have enough of it. More about Regrow receding gums.CoQ10 is good for a lot of things, but it helps the gums heal faster. Some people swear by a water pic. It is a natural sugar that starves the bacteria in your mouth. Chew xylitol gum or suck on mints after meals, and that will stop the bacteria in your mouth from multiplying and damaging your gums and teeth. I have a friend who used a pick at the gum line to heal her gum disease, but it was farther along that yours probably is.

 Anyway, there are lots of ways to create a healthy environment in your mouth that turns the gum disease around. I don't know why many dentists act like gum disease will be with you forever. Maybe because the people using Listerine like they suggest gums too dry and sore to heal? I don't know, but I have known many individuals who have successfully turned it around. Hope you see your gum disease heal soon as well.

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