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Teenagers And Fat Loss - What Dad And Mom Ought To Know

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The love we have for our little ones often pushes us to buy them the best gifts, either as an appreciation for their kindness and obedience or simply as a way of distracting them so they do not bother us so much as we pursue our other day-to-day activities.

Some of the best gifts recommended are the toddler drum sets. Experts claim there is so much to these drums than what we probably think and in this article, we shall discuss some of the reasons you should consider getting your toddler these drum sets the next time you go shopping for things that matter to your family.

Serve Some Social Needs:

As our toddlers grow, we want them to become responsible people and in order to ensure this, we should help them learn certain basic social skills that may help them in their future life. One such skill they will learn with these drum sets is that of turn-taking and sharing, or technically what we call team-playing.

This is because truly speaking, the multiple drum sets require a group of toddlers to play and since it is a collaborative as well as interactive endeavour, they will appreciate the various roles played by each one of them and realize no one can achieve anything on their own.

Help The Toddlers Acquire Some Communication Skills:

Have we not watched some of the crazy things our toddlers do when they are angry, happy or overcome by an extreme emotion? During these times, they have a way of communicating with whatever object they come across.

In the same way, drum sets go a long way in helping your toddler put his thoughts and emotions out there. When they get really pissed off but just can’t find a way to let out their feelings, they will take to one of their greatest distraction - the drum sets. The music emanating from the drums [as distorted as it may be] goes a long way in calming our little ones and in the end, their racing thoughts and subjective feelings are put to rest.

Development of Motor Skills:

This may be perhaps one of the greatest advantages of getting your toddler a drum set. If you have watched keenly how drummers do their thing, you must have realized there is a great degree of manual dexterity required, as well as a proper coordination between the hands and legs.

Drum sets for toddlers help them develop various fine as well as gross motor skills due to the rhythmic movements required to play these drums. The mere fact that they will remain standing [or moving around] most of the time also goes a long way in helping them develop lower extremity strength.

Cognitive Needs:

This is another great benefit of buying a drum set for your toddler. Now, imagine you just got yourself a drum set of 8 pieces and you intend your kid to learn to play it. Being a set means each piece serves a central role and that no one piece can be played independently. There are those designed for the alto voices, those designed for the bass voices, tenor, soprano et cetera.

As your toddler begins, they may not be able to distinguish between the drum pieces based on these voices but as they progress with the playing, they will be able to pin-point the drum parts with a particular voice even before playing that particular drum. This goes a long way in enhancing your kids’ cognitive abilities and overall, may help them work on their attention, decision making skills as well as impulse control

Grooming A Future Artist

Now, how can we forget this? We have had very successful drummers and if you try to find out one of the reasons behind their success, they will tell you they began playing at a very tender age. Why not groom our kids in a similar manner so they can become successful drummers in future?

By the time they are in their teen age, they will possibly be so good at the art that will be sought after by some of the major bands that rule the music world.

For more details visit us at : drums for a child

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