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I love most of what you have to say Lensar but I do disagree at least with crafting books and merc. They are still a time sink. Merc books are a huge one! When is the last time you filled a T4 merc book because your T5 merc laborer get's no xp from T2-3? I run 12 houses with with crafting laborers it's still a time sink for sure. Since December 16th only 2 of my 6 merc laborers have leveled (the ones now T5) and only 1/2 a level. I had to abandon the other merc guys I even fire 2 of them for their current uselessness. I also have Albion Online Silver people giving me books they fill and have bought a few from market. We got a few members all they do is grind new weapons for 4-8 hours a day. They tend to fill 1 & 1/2 T4 merc books in a day. I know T4 merc books aren't they way to go for gems but I can't level my guys with T2 or 3. I am mostly doing this so I can test everything as I knew they would make changes one day. The silver I get is largely put into other testing projects that require vast amounts of funds as well.

Bacl to the crafting laborers. I find myself making gear and tools just to fill them up. I do this mainly because I want to see what they bring back at teirs 4+.' Maybe one day you could come see the operation I have setup. Run my 70 or so laborers 2x a day for a while. Tell me how easy it is. Honestly you could just do books all day long and stay busy for 18 hours straight with a setup like mine. It's a niche thing when you run em like I do. Normal people are NOT going to do it. I made a video promoting the idea to my guild day 10 of this phase and it took almost a month before even a "bright souls" were convinced it was a good when it comes to fame, i dont need fame at the moment, im sitting @ almost full 8.3. the only reason im faming at the moment is to fill up those journals, if there was rare mobs worth more fame, i would definatly be happy to fill those journals faster, like there is for leather. i find legendary boars, every single day, i also skin dire bears. not legendary boars and mythical boars are a LOT less common than trees, or other resources, i still find them.biggest time sink of all for me is filling mercenary journals.

To me all the mats are "free mats"; However at the same time none of them are. You still have the time and costs of the houses, furniture, books, all the gear you are going to lose getting those mats initially, and Island upgrades. Go out and die with 3 tier 7 tools 3 tier 6 tools and 5.2 gear and t6 accessories and mount all of which are master to epic quality lose 30 or so empty/filled/partially filled books, and then come tell me how "free" your laborer mats are. You take 1-2 losses like that in a day it takes a while even at the current level of return to recoup ones loses if only making money through Albion Online Power Leveling laborers . One terrible loss like the example I gave can set one back 10-18 hours of the laborer game. However if I would have been out just farming I would have had about 500-700k less gear on me to generate even more money over a shorter time and been safer while doing it.

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